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  • is an online media which reports various information about politics, economy, social culture, education, and other topics;
  • The news published by is divided into two categories: adapted news and live news report;
  • Adpted news is news that is written by citing / adapting sources from other media both locally and internationally that is credible. Zonanusantara provides a credit link from where the news originated;
  • Live news report is the results of their own coverage both by’s editorial team and contributors spread throughout Indonesia;
  • uses pictures in various writings. There are two types of photo / image sources that uses namely internet sources and’s editorial collection;
  • For photos / images sourced from the internet, is committed to writing a credit source photo accompanied by a source link from the photo / image;\
  • For the editorial photo collection, written followed by the name of the photographer;
  • does not claim that internet source photos are editorial photographs / images. For that, if there is a writing (caption) that is wrong or wrong related to the name of the photo / image, please send an email to the editor: info@zonanusantara.comso that it is immediately followed up;
  • If you own one of the photos in the news and don’t want your photo to be posted on the site, please send an email to: to delete it immediately;
  • is committed to continuing to provide news that can provide information as well as education to readers around the world.